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256Hz 》ROOT CHAKRA CLEANSING SOUND BATH 》Let Go of Fear, Worries & Anxiety 》Chakra Healing Music

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》Let Go of Fear, Worries & Anxiety
》Chakra Healing Music

Root Chakra is often blocked by fear, anxiety and endless worries of past and future. 256Hz is one of the primary resonating frequency for root chakra - muladhara and the sound bath music has been specially composed with root note at 256Hz. This will help chakra activation as it starts to resonate more. Meditating along with this can bring more focus in your meditation and help in healing and unblocking this chakra. For the best benefit, please play this audio on speakers at a comfortable volume, so the root chakra can interact with the sound.
We hope this will help in your practice. Many Blessings!!

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ध्यान - Meditation
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