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◉ [1 Hour] ULTIMATE ◉ Solar Plexus Chakra ◉ Tuning @ 320 Hz Frequency

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◉ [1 Hour] ULTIMATE ◉ Solar Plexus Chakra ◉ Tuning @ 320 Hz Frequency

Located at the navel or just above at the solar plexus, the third chakra is called Manipura, the "City of Jewels" (Mani - gem, Pura or Puri - city). Frequently associated with the color yellow, blue in classical tantra, and red in the Nath tradition, this chakra is associated with fire and the power of transformation. It is said to govern digestion and metabolism as the home of agni and the vital wind samana vayu. It is also the point where the energies of prana vayu and apana vayu (inward and outward flowing energy) meet in a balanced system. It is notably the home of coeliac plexus which innervates most of the digestive system. In chakra based medicine this area is worked with to affect healthier digestion, elimination, pancreas kidney and adrenal function. Weak agni (fire) here leads to incompletely digested food, thoughts and emotions and is a source of ama (toxicity)

Everything in this universe is Energy and Vibrations. We all are made up of Energy and Vibrations. There are 7 Primary Energy centers in our body and they also vibrate. And luckily for us, the vibrational frequency of these chakras corresponds to the sound vibrations. More we listen and be around these positive and sound frequencies with which our chakra vibrates, the more our chakra starts balancing, And we start to feel their effects.
This Chakra Tuning track for Solar Plexus chakra has been designed that it vibrates with primary resonating frequency of Solar Plexus Chakra - 320 Hz and features human vocal vibrations, which make it all the more effective.

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Music and Vocals Production : Meditative Mind
Photo Credits : NASA
ध्यान - Meditation
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