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देखिये कैसे TV ADS वाले आपको बेवकूफ बनाते है Take a Look at how these Commercials are Made

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Hello friends today is an age of massive commercial competition between companies and brands. And marketing was never as important as it has become now. Because of this companies come up with some of the most unique, fascinating, mind blowing ad commercials which can promote their products and services. Products like pizzas from domino's or pizza hut, burgers from McDonald's, Patties, Deodorant like old spice, hair shampoo and hair conditioners, toilet cleaners and soft drinks such as coke and Pepsi. Today we have a looks how these advertisements are made in real life by using advanced technology while shooting on sets, Visual effects (vfx), food stylists and designers and computer software. Watch the entire video to know the reality these TV ads.

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वृत्तचित्र - Documentary
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