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कम मेहनत में हलवाई जैसी खस्ता गुजिया बनाने का सबसे सही आसान तरीका | BEST Suji Mawa Gujiya Recipe

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MawaGujiyaRecipe #mawagujiya #gujiya How To Make Delicious Gujiya At Home a Must-Have Dessert For Holi Festival Mawa Gujiya. Sooji Mawa Gujiya Semolina Khoya Gujiya is Holi Special Gujiya. Mawa Gujiya Holi Special and learn Gujia Mawa Filling in easy way. SOOJI MAWA GUJIYA RECIPE also called Karanji Recipe a Gujiya Mawa Gujiya Recipe.

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Ingredients List: ???????? सामग्री
* All purpose flour मैदा - 4 cup
* Clarified Butter घी - 1/2 cup
* Water पानी
* Chopped Almonds बादाम - 2 tbsp
* Chopped Cashew nut काजू - 2 tbsp
* Chopped Pistachio पिस्ता - 2 tbsp
* Desiccated Coconut नारियल का बुरादा - 1/2 cup
* Golden Raisins किशमिश - 1 tbsp
* Clarified Butter घी - 1 tbsp
* Semolina सूजी - 1/2 cup
* Mawa - 400 gms
* Cardamom Powder इलाइची पाउडर - 1/2 tsp
* Saffron Strands केसर के धागे
* Sugar powder चीनी पाउडर - 1 cup
* Clarified Butter घी

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Sooji Mawa Gujiya Recipe, suji mawa gujiya, mawa gujiya
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